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I understand that promotional pictures and video (individual and group) have been / will be taken during various events involving the "O YA Chorus" (Ontario Youth A cappella Chorus, the Ontario District of the Barbershop Harmony Society). The participant, or if the participant is under the age of 18, the parent/guardian named in this registration hereby grants permission to the O YA Chorus for the participant’s picture to be used for promotional materials (newsletter, web page, promotional signs, etc.) in highlighting performance and fund-raising events undertaken by O YA Chorus and I/we herby release O YA Chorus, it's staff and volunteers and funding providers from any and all liabilities and waive all claims against them. I further understand and agree that I will not distribute copies of music licenced to O YA Chorus through any means (paper, media or by internet/app) and will respect all copyright laws governing the music provided to me by the chorus and performed by its members

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