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From an O YA Chorus member
Matt wrote: "Happy 75th Anniversary to the Barbershop Harmony Society! This amazing hobby has truly changed my life, and I'm glad I found it when I was just 14! This hobby is unlike any other. The sense of comradery is unparallelled! I love ringing chords with my brothers in harmony until the wee hours of the morning, and the skills I learn here have served me well everywhere else in music! I will be a barbershopper for the rest of my life! I'd like to take a moment to remember one very influential barbershopper in my life: Douglas Campbell. My grandfather. I never really knew you, for you were taken from us when I was very young. But what little I remember of you, I love you Grandad. This hobby has always been, and always will be, my little connection to you. So on this 75th anniversary, now more than ever, "Keep the whole world singing!" It's great to be a barbershopper!"


Have something to donate? Goods, Services or Pledge some cash

Here is your chance to help young men learn to sing Barbershop Harmony and get to the Barbershop Harmony Society International Youth Festival.

Donations will help offset costs. To throw your hat into the ring, send a note to Sharon Towner telling her how you can help. Email Sharon at Sharon


These folks have already donated for the current season and much more is needed.

O Ya Chorus 2016 gratefully acknowledges the assistance of:

Barry & Sharon Towner
Lyle & Joanne Southam
Mary & Morgan Lewis
Joe Van Pinxteren
Elmer &nd Marg Down
Stephan Ivers

Al & Helen Davis
Lou Bergnor
Frank Knoll
Jim & Debra Wilson
Duncan MacGregor
Paul Ellingson
Bob Laing
Oshawa Backseat Drivers
and a theatre full of appreciating fans at the 6th Annual January Thaw Show on Saturday, January 16, 2016
You can donate here on the Supporters Page!


Letter to Ontario District - Donation Request

To Ontario District


The Barbershop Youth movement is alive and thriving in Ontario! Thank you Ontario District members, quartets, and choruses for making a difference in so many young lives. Barry and I are in the enviable position of receiving the thank you's from the young men whose lives are being touched by the O YA program. We hear from the parents, who make extraordinary sacrifices of time and effort to afford their young man the opportunity to rehearse and perform with the O YA Chorus. They are overwhelmed by the support and encouragement that their young men receive from the Ontario District Barbershop community. They all appreciate the support that the Ontario Barbershop community has given their young men, many of whom would not be able to participate without your support. All we can do is pass along to you the THANK YOU' are making a difference in these young men's lives and helping to create a Barbershop culture in Ontario that will sustain the barbershop style of music far into the future. If you were at the Ontario District Fall Convention, you witnessed some of the future as some young members performed at high levels for the assembled audiences at the competitions, in quartets or choruses. If you were lucky enough to have attended the House Of Delegates meeting at the convention on Sunday, you witnessed this year's bumper crop of young men (55 of them) having their third rehearsal and performing two songs for you.


As you know, it takes a lot of dedicated hours and some dollars to accomplish getting the ONTARIO YOUTH A Cappella CHORUS to the Barbershop Harmony Society International Youth Festival. Our chorus of young men is one about 20 choruses planning to perform at the 2017 Festival. They have the opportunity to participate in 3 days of singing barbershop with young men from all over the USA and Canada. We know that this experience of preparing for and performing in the Youth Festival is the hook (do you remember what your hook was?) that keeps many of these young men coming back for more " Barbershop". The guys that have been with us for a year or two are bringing their brothers, cousins and friends and that is testimony enough that we are doing something right. We are seeing Grandsons of current Barbershoppers joining us (there are now 6 ..they are not all ours :) ) They now think what Grandad does is kinda cool! Since the O YA CHORUS started we have seen a flourishing Barbershop music program (it is now a music credit course at BCI ) happen in Brantford under the tutelage of Shawn Oakes with the help of our Youth Quartets in the last few years starting with Chameleon (they were young once), Rendezvous, ''Shoptimus Prime, Here Comes Treble, Pitch Please, and Yonge Guns. We have young men from Stouffville, Barrie, London, Kingston, Belleville, Toronto, Brantford, Waterloo, Cornwall, Ottawa, and Guelph.


Most of the current chorus are students, most of whom rely on parents to get them to and from the rehearsals held in various places around the province, Belleville, Brantford, Toronto etc. and some take buses and some even hitch rides in tow is not easy to be an active member of this chorus. It takes time, self-motivation, and the wherewithall to accomplish what we accomplish with relatively few rehearsals.


The final deadline for qualifying for the O YA Chorus is Nov 1st... With a view to make the trip to perform at the next Barbershop Harmony Society International Youth Festival




This is our plea for financial assistance for the O YA CHORUS. We hope to be able to cover the airfares and up to two nights hotel. Harmony Foundation helps all youth choruses by sponsoring each youth for their Midwinter Registration and a couple of nights hotel based on four to a room. We have to get them there and we have one or two additional hotel nights not covered by the Harmony Foundation. As well some of our guys have grown substantially over the year so uniform replacement is always in the budget along with the purchase of the music we sing all year and the cost of rehearsals. We will be counting on a profit from the O YA SHOW as well as your help!


Using the 2015 New Orleans Youth Festival as an examplew for budget purposes, we have a sizable amount of funds to raise. If each member of the District could just send $35.00 we would meet the budget of approximately $39,000.00 that we will need to get our young men to an International Youth Festival!

       Air fare approx. $450.00 per person (typical, varies by year and location)
       Hotel $100.00 per person (2 nights, 4 per room)
       Transfers in host city $40.00 per person
       Total $590.00 per person
Each member of the chorus is expected to pay for all of his own meals and spending money.


This year as in the past we find ourselves with a few dedicated young men that have no means of financial support from home so we will have to rely on our "angel fund". Please help if you can.


If you have not made your donation to the Ontario Youth A Cappella Chorus (O YA Chorus) as an individual or a Chapter, please go the O YA website DONATE NOW button below and contribute what you can to this cause... you will be glad you did.


You can also send Donations by mail to

O YA Ontario District
c/o Box 209
Zephyr, Ontario L0E 1T0

Ontario District - and many of the people in the chapters throughout Ontario



You may wish to help support the expenses of the Chorus. Here, you can send a donation with intended use for the Ontario Youth A Cappella Chorus member funding.   Accepting Credit Cards or PayPal



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Sing Canada Harmony  
Sing Canada Harmony is dedicated to building a better Canada through singing by providing scholarships to Canadians of all ages; particularly children and youth.

Sing Canada Harmony works with Canadian singing organizations to assist with funding through scholarships for  singing camps, harmony explosion camps, singing events, coaching clinics and workshops.

Supporters of Sing Canada Harmony are proud of the achievements of the many groups and individuals who have benefited from these scholarships. Sing Canada Harmony provides scholarships to support the training, coaching and, leadership for singers across Canada.

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